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Fotoreisen Myamar 2015

Wir waren in  Lissabon un d habensfjsdfs










  • 2015-04-05 - 10:57

    Unique - I remember eolixrpng the ruined temples of Pagan , ruined by the Mongols and the attack was witnessed by Marco Polo no less ! I entered one temple, statues of The Lord Buddha set in niches along the walls , then one moved ! It was a monk that had finished his meditation . lol . You can imagine how high I jumped in fright .Our ride from Pagan to the railway for the train to Rangoon was in the Burmese version of a jeepney ,in the dead of night , hurtling along narrow roads , ox carts parked for the night , no headlights ! the driver flicking on high beam no and then At one stage I foolishly looked at the speedo 80K/h . We made it though .LOL.ReplyCancel

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